The awards are published in a special edition of stern magazine.

Prof. Dietmar Simon, head of the clinic for general and visceral surgery, was once again awarded the title of leading specialist in thyroid surgery. The professor has been working for many years thyroid cancer treatment, he was the first in Europe to receive a diploma from the European College of Surgeons in endocrine surgery.

Dr. honey. Dr. Harald Krentel, head of the clinic of gynecology and oncogynecology, is highly recognized for his unique endoscopic operations for endometriosis and uterine fibroids.

Prof. Wolfgang Schols, head of the clinic for cardiology, angiology and electrophysiology at Germany's largest Heart Center, is recognized as the best specialist in interventional cardiology. Designed by him valvular heart disease therapy with the help of special catheters has shown high efficiency for many years.

In the field of cataract and refractive surgery, the head of the ophthalmology clinic was once again awarded other honey. PhD Mark Tomalla. The doctor is the owner of numerous national and international patents for medical instruments and develops special intraocular lenses.

Prof. Jan Fichtner, head of the urology clinic, was awarded twice - as the leading expert in Germany for the treatment of prostate cancer And Bladder, and also as the best urologist for the treatment of benign prostate tumors.


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