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After implantation of an artificial hip joint, rehabilitation measures are recommended for 3 weeks on an outpatient or inpatient basis, depending on the individual situation of the patient.

Rehabilitation measures include learning to walk, training muscles, improving mobility and coordination of movements.

As part of daily therapeutic exercises, isometric relaxing techniques are used. The patient is taught the rules of conduct to avoid dislocation of the hip joint. In addition, systematic strengthening of the muscles of the arms and legs is carried out. By learning to walk on a flat surface and up stairs, mobilization builds up.

Usually, within 2-3 months after the operation, patients return to their normal lifestyle. Most of them can swim, ride a bike, walk freely, lead a normal life. However, some precautions must be observed, namely: it is recommended to avoid very sudden movements, not to lift heavy weights. It is allowed to engage in gentle sports, after consulting with your doctor.

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