Nebolsina Sabina
08. 02. 2022

I want to express my deepest gratitude to the team... Because they saved my life. When I flew to Düsseldorf: I weighed only 38 kilograms, I practically could not eat, had serious problems with stool, could hardly walk, suffocated, and much more. My condition was simply terrible, I was exhausted and lost, because in Russia I was faced with terrible indifference and incompetence. And in Dusseldorf they put me on my feet in 2 months, prescribing a suitable treatment. What we could not cope with until this year. Special thanks to our accompanying Polina, for her help, cordiality and tremendous support. And, of course, endless thanks to our gastroenterologist Dr. Müller Marbach. May your team continue to grow, develop and save lives!

27. 12. 2021

I would like to express my admiration, gratitude, sincere sympathy to the whole team for the great work they do. Leonid Nosnik is a professional of the highest class, with an iron, business acumen, able to solve emerging problems “here and now”, able to defend his point of view, find compromise solutions, moreover, with the greatest efficiency, taking into account the interests of the patient. A real leader with a capital letter is moderately tough (otherwise the leader cannot be), but fair and understanding (which is very important). And just a beautiful, attentive and very intelligent person! Communication with him is a pleasure! Polinochka Gorina - one can talk about her endlessly and only in superlatives, unfortunately, just words are not enough. This is a person with a unique spiritual generosity, who perceives your problems as his own. A person who is not indifferent, empathetic, which is very important in our difficult time. This is a person with a higher medical education, who knows how to support, calm, inspire hope with his calm voice. This is a person who reacts to the smallest nuances of your mood, showing real care, attention to you: a wonderful bouquet of flowers, a cup of coffee, delicious soup, just human warmth. This is a person who becomes close and truly dear, who gives you care, attention, kindness, with whom you joyfully look forward to meeting. Unique, inimitable, interesting person!!! Svetochka, Vladislav are wonderful, very attentive, delicate, friendly, intelligent, simply beautiful people. They take into account all, even the most ridiculous at first glance, wishes. They rush to help in solving any problems, interesting interlocutors and wonderful people. To everyone, to everyone, and to those about whom I have not written, a huge gratitude, respect and low bow for the most serious work, humanity, kindness, patience, care and attention. I just love and admire you

11. 03. 2021

I want to note the attentive highly professional attitude of Mr. Benedikta Ostendorf and the effective medicines prescribed by him.

I recommend everyone to use the treatment of Mr. Benedikta Ostendorf

Golubyatnikova Ekaterina
Russia, Kursk
04. 03. 2021

Everything was top notch! Any whim of the patient was fulfilled in the shortest possible time. And not only about the treatment, organizational issues were also resolved very quickly and competently. All employees of this organization with whom I had to communicate are very attentive, kind, polite and responsive, professionals in their field.

Voropaeva Irina
02. 02. 2021

I express my sincere gratitude for facilitating the trip during a difficult time of movement restrictions due to COVID-19 and organizing my examination in a number of clinics of the Association in order to establish a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

The trip, according to the first assessment, turned out to be effective, the diagnosis was made and basic treatment was prescribed. How effective it will be, time will tell and the next visit to a rheumatologist. Now I can note the scrupulousness of the doctors in studying the documents provided and studying the MRI images (I have not encountered this before, everything was looked through quickly and often the conclusions were puzzling) and the interaction of doctors of various profiles and clinics regarding my disease.

I especially want to note the attention, sincerity and clear work to accompany the doctor Polina Gorina, who accompanied in the clinics and provided translation of conversations with doctors, answered questions and gave explanations, remained in touch throughout my stay.

Thanks and see you next time!

Yarlykov Yuri
07. 12. 2020

Let me express my deep and sincere gratitude to the employees of the Deutsche Clinic Alliance Allianz, who participated in the treatment of my complex serious diseases (oncology, cardiology)!

LEONID NOSNIK (the curator of my treatment) organized an uninterrupted chain of highly qualified doctors, managers in Germany and Russia:

— Professor Dr. med. JAN FICHTNER, a unique urologist-oncologist who has achieved excellent results in the treatment of my profile disease;

— Dr. med.

the latest generation of equipment;

– Accompanying translator VLADISLAV MORDUKOVICH, an excellent translator, fluent in specific medical Russian-German vocabulary, easy to navigate

in a complex German bureaucratic system, an attentive, touchingly caring and helpful person. He drives a car excellently, which is important in the conditions of scattered hotels, clinics, airports. Not knowing German, I felt like behind a stone wall next to him!

- VICTORIA MIRYUSHCHENKO, specialist of Patient Management LLC (Moscow), a clever woman who saved me, a seriously ill person, from all the problems in Russia. And this is not weak if you consider that I had difficulty moving around: contracts, calls, mutual settlements, settlements with partners, organizing flights during the difficult period of the pandemic, providing medicines.

Thank you very much!

With unwavering sincere respect,

Yuri Yarlykov

Grateful Patent

Prikhodko Marina
23. 11. 2020

Thank you for Svetlana and Elena! They are incredible people!
In addition to professionalism in medical parts (always know what questions to ask, consequences, etc.) they have good human qualities that are so necessary for people like us in this situation.
It is pleasant to be in such hands, it gives more confidence that the disease will recede and be forgotten like a bad dream!
Thank you for everything!

Kalashnikova Tatiana
25. 10. 2020

From the bottom of my heart I express my gratitude for the professionalism, responsiveness and warmth of the heart to Elena Schmitz. I was on treatment from 06/09 to 24/09/2020.
Elena, as in all previous visits, was attentive, courteous, and most importantly charged with optimism.
During the conversation with the doctor, it was clear that Elena is not just interpreting the dialogue, but is competent in the issues of this disease and is fully in control of the situation, helps to correctly ask questions regarding further treatment and, as a result of the treatment, you receive high-quality advice on further health and how not to start the disease, and continue to lead an active life in pleasure and with pleasure!

I also want to note the excellently organized work of the Deutsche Klinik Allianz team - it is a great happiness that such competent, caring people work exactly where they are most needed.

With all my heart I wish health to you and your families! May your good deeds return to you a hundredfold!

20. 10. 2020

I am very pleased with the service and professionalism of the staff. Everything was done as promised. Highly recommend. If you go to this clinic, you won't be disappointed!

Alexey A.
09. 09. 2020

The approach of each doctor is always individual. I want to thank the DKA staff represented by Vladislav M., Inna T., Denis B. For the quality organization of treatment, maximum immersion in all the details of the process, the attention paid! You are true professionals in your field! Thank you! I wish over the years to be only more successful and develop in an international format!!!

Zhurko Ekaterina
Saint Petersburg
15. 07. 2020

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the staff of the clinic. I was examined after breast cancer treatment in Russia. Very qualified and caring doctors. Clear organization during the whole stay. Special thanks to Elena, who not only accompanies the patient, but helps and supports in everything!!! Health to you all!!!

16. 12. 2019

Professor Shels - Doctor with a capital letter After long rushing around doctors, I finally found Professor Shels - not just a world specialist, but also a sympathetic person who carefully and thoughtfully listened to my whole story, looked at the extracts and ordered additional examinations. All diagnostics went very quickly and accurately. The treatment prescribed by Professor Schels is working, this is the most important thing. Special thanks to accompanying Vladimir for a clear translation and assistance in resolving all issues.

27. 09. 2019

I express my heartfelt gratitude to the organizers of my treatment from Germany: the curator Ruslan and Elena - this is a wonderful duet (let me put it this way). Everything is at the highest level: such an accurate, convenient organization of the whole process that you don’t feel abandoned for a minute. And this is especially important when you are seriously ill, moreover, your strength doubles, because you are not alone, there is someone to think through everything, to really take care of you. I don’t know what it is: high professionalism or a special gift to help people who, more than ever, need support and care. Probably both. Low bow to you, Reliable Ruslan and Beautiful, Sensitive, contagious with optimism and love of life, Elena, My German Angels. Natalia, 44 years old, Moscow.

13. 08. 2019

I would like to note a qualified significant clarification on the treatment of IBS and the exclusion of surgical intervention for the treatment of vascular atherosclerosis of the heart in relation to the diagnosis of Russian colleagues.

Before meeting with the specialists of the clinic, think over and write down the questions on the problems of your health that interest you, and not a single moment will remain open!

Galina G.
05. 10. 2018

Excellent organization of my stay in the clinics of the association. Qualitative analysis of your body.

Kharkiv, Ukraine
05. 09. 2014

I had a hip arthroplasty. Everything went very well. If you have such a problem, I advise you to contact. Specify all details in advance.

Thank you! The clinic, and most importantly the professionalism of the doctors and all the medical staff, everything was at the highest level.

Vasily Ivanovich
St. Petersburg
15. 06. 2014

Excellent organization and doctors-organizers Dmitry and Vladimir. The complete absence of money-grubbing and exceptional delicacy.

Laputko Sergey
Saint Petersburg
05. 05. 2014

Completely satisfied with the treatment. Impeccable organization. Sincere thanks to the medical and accompanying staff!


Russia, city of Samara
05. 03. 2014

From the beginning to the end of our stay in Germany, the alliance employees were in touch with us at any time, who very clearly, correctly and kindly advised us on any issues that arose. The planned surveys were carried out in an organized manner and without any delay. No intrusive services, no pressure. In our case, during the examination, there was no need for an MRI and the money already paid was returned to us (a considerable amount)! We are still impressed by the German quality and standard of living of citizens. The most important thing is that we returned home with a clear diagnosis, which gives completely different prospects for later life. If anyone has questions, write to the email address.


Russia, Kazan city
10. 12. 2013

Highest score. I am very pleased that I passed the examination, everything is clear, clear and understandable, thank you very much!!!

15. 11. 2013

Diagnosis, treatment performed at a high, professional level. I am very satisfied with the organization of my stay in Germany. I express my gratitude for the support, care and professionalism to everyone who helped me. I recommend boldly trusting the team of highly qualified specialists and employees of Deutsche Klinik Allianz and wish all patients successful treatment and a speedy recovery.

Khalikova Farida
05. 11. 2013

The organization is excellent. I recommend everyone to contact the specialists of the association.

Many thanks to the staff. She was surrounded by attention and care, like a native person. I want to note that all the employees not only surrounded me with care, but also saved my money, which is important. Thanks to everyone, two Inns, Irina Zorina, Vladimir. With gratitude, I

PS May the patients who come to you get better!

Ledentsova Olga
Saint Petersburg
14. 10. 2013

Very satisfied with diagnosis and treatment. There are no hopeless situations. If you cannot get high-quality assistance in Russia, do not waste your precious time. Special thanks to Inna Trofimova and Yaroslava Roiter for their responsiveness, help, support.

27. 09. 2013

The highest professionalism of Dr. Stefan Schmidt, combined with the use of the most modern equipment and the use of the latest techniques, makes the treatment at the Diadentis Dental Clinic truly UNIQUE. The atmosphere of friendly-professional participation of the clinic staff in solving the issues of patient treatment ensures an IMPERFECT treatment process, helps to maintain a balance of spirit during treatment and leaves positive impressions for a long time.

With confidence I RECOMMEND treatment at the Diadentis clinic.

 With THANKS, Svetlana

Kazan, Russia
27. 07. 2013

The organization is decent. The support is very well organized. Clinics with good doctors! Everything is neat, competent and at the proper level!

Special thanks to Ruslan Dzusov and Svetlana Maassen! Svetlana is a guide-translator who is very attentive to her patients! Caring and pleasant to deal with. Svetlana's translation is very high quality and understandable, both for the patient and the doctor! And Ruslan is a good leader, an obligatory employee. Does not leave without attention any request of the patient. Looking for and finding a solution. Even after hours, he is always available for communication! Thank you:)

Erygin Vladimir Vladimirovich
27. 03. 2013

I visit the clinic for the second time. Everything suits me.

Nizhny Novgorod
27. 02. 2013

I was satisfied with the speed of diagnosis and referral for surgery. Since in Russia they could not help me for 14 years (they prescribed sprays instead of surgery). Immediately managed to make for the first visit to Düsseldorf. Very satisfied. The staff at the clinic are pleasant. I don’t speak German or English at all, but everyone here understands everything) I hope the result of the operation will be positive.

Stock up on groceries, because in Germany it is apparently not customary to have dinner like ours. Everything else will be done for you.

30. 12. 2012

Clinic and specialists at the highest level, the attitude is excellent. I would like to express my gratitude to Irina Zorina for her support, care, support and professionalism. Thank you.

02. 12. 2012

There were no problems regarding the organization of stay in Germany. This clinic can be trusted.

Regarding the diagnosis, it was carried out in full (to the extent necessary for my father's illness). The professionalism and friendliness of the doctor exceeded our expectations. There were no problems with the services either - their list and volume is chosen by the patient himself. The price of services and examinations is known to the patient before the arrival in Germany, in our case it coincided with 99,99%. I would like to say a huge thank you for the work done to all the staff of the Alliance clinic, and, of course, to the doctor.

Malitskaya Tatiana
Ukraine, Zaporozhye
28. 11. 2012


If you get to a doctor/diagnostic appointment, ask for a meeting plan with addresses in advance (customer care departments and the doctors themselves are in different places). Diagnosis and appointment with a doctor was made quickly, clearly, qualified.

Alexander and Elena
21. 11. 2012

Diagnostics, treatment and support are performed at a high professional level. We asked for medical help several times and always received it on time and with high quality. That's why we've been coming here many times. The organization of our stay in German clinics is highly commendable. The staff of the center always solved all our problems promptly and professionally. This was especially important for us in the critical situation that we had, and required urgent medical intervention. We are grateful to Inna, Irina, Kirill, Denis and Ekaterina for the help provided to us by the staff of the department for working with foreign patients. God bless them. If you need treatment or diagnostics, we recommend that you contact the center. Assistance will be provided in a timely manner and at a high level.

Sokolov Alexey Borisovich
21. 10. 2012

+79272602910, e-mail: sab1957@mail.ru

In Russia, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Together with the family, we decided to have the operation in Germany and we are glad that we were not mistaken. I was diagnosed with cancer of the third degree, radical removal of the prostate gland was carried out in a minimally invasive way. To say that I am very pleased is just to say nothing. I express my deep gratitude to all the staff of the clinic who took part in my treatment. I especially want to highlight Chefarst Prof. Dr. Goepel, Dr. Gesenberg, Dr. Asefa are real geniuses in their field. I had such a brilliant operation that today, just two and a half weeks after it, I do without pads, I have restored all the functions necessary for a normal life.

Alexey I.
27. 09. 2012

My 24-year-old son, who lives in Moscow, was diagnosed with a malignant tumor. It was obvious to me that treatment in Moscow could have unpredictable consequences, like Russian roulette. Close friends recommended Deutsche Klinik Allianz to us and they were absolutely right. Since I am now in Australia, and my son is in Moscow, for me one of the significant indicators was the clarity of coordination of all issues of organizing the urgent arrival of my son to Germany (and this is all visa issues), diagnosis and the operation itself to remove the tumor, accommodation, household issues and payment for treatment. I received all the information extremely quickly, of course, taking into account the 8-hour time difference between Sydney and Dusseldorf. It was also important to me that the DKA helps coordinate the details of the patient's accommodation with local hotels (including payment of bills), since none of us is well versed in the local environment. It was very pleasant to communicate with Irina Sarov and Denis Berengolets.
Many thanks to everyone who took part in the treatment of my son. Success and prosperity to your clinic!

G.P. Kondrakhov
Moscow region
23. 08. 2012

Diagnosis, treatment, stay in the clinic - all at a very good level. An exceptionally positive impression of the work of doctors and all the staff of the clinic. The treatment results are excellent. The support of the Dusseldorf office and Ruslan Dzusov personally is excellent.

If you have the opportunity to use this medical service - use it, you will not regret it.

Natalia Volkova
Moscow, Russia
12. 07. 2012

The trip and treatment were organized: quickly, clearly, at a high professional level. No delays, overlays, delays, mistakes.

23. 06. 2012

I want to express my deepest gratitude to Deutsche Klinik Allianz for organizing highly qualified treatment in Germany. Everything was at the highest level, starting from the meeting at the airport. Special thanks to the clinic staff: Irina and Biana for their sincere care and support. I express my gratitude to the great master of his craft, Dr. Falbrede, for his golden hands and kind heart! I wish the entire Allianz Klinik team professional success in such a noble cause! Be healthy!

Shvedenko K.
Russia, Tver region
05. 05. 2012

Excellent specialists, excellent employees of the company, clearly explained, told, accompanied! Thanks a lot!

22. 04. 2012

Many thanks to Dr. Nush and Leonid Nosnik!

After unsuccessful attempts to get medical care in Russia, being in the hands of Deutsche Klinik Allianz specialists, my wife and I (who was diagnosed with grade 4 adenocarcinoma) immediately felt a sharp contrast, which, first of all, lies in the very approach to the patient.

Unfortunately, in Russia we are faced with the complete indifference of doctors, the lack of elementary coordination between them, and a frank unwillingness to take responsibility. For 1.5 months of walking around the offices, we were never able to make a correct diagnosis, and we accidentally learned about the existence of a test for tumor markers from friends. Despite repeated complaints (the cancer had metastasized to the bones, the pain was sometimes unbearable), in Russia we were not offered any anesthetic.

The first thing they did at Deutsche Klinik Allianz, even before the diagnosis was made, was anesthesia, which finally returned the wife's ability to sleep at night. All the clinical studies needed to make a diagnosis were completed in less than a week. I was pleasantly surprised that Deutsche Klinik Allianz takes care of your wallet: they prescribe only those examinations and procedures that you definitely cannot do without. For example, when it seemed to us that it was possible to speed up the diagnosis by conducting two studies simultaneously, they explained to us that the appointment of one depends on the result of the second, and we may not need it.

After a bronchoscopy, based on the results of thorough histological tests, Dr. Nush prescribed a targeted drug to his wife, which she began taking after returning to Moscow.

My wife is doing well now, and although Dr. Nush talked about phasing out painkillers, we have not used them since our return.

One could still say a lot of flattering things about management: how Deutsche Klinik Allianz approaches planning visits, additional services for clients, but the most valuable thing is that my wife's life was saved here. Looking at her now, it's hard for me to believe that this is the exhausted, tormented woman who flew with me from Moscow a month ago.

Thank you Deutsche Klinik Allianz for bringing happiness and joy back to our home!

It's priceless!

With gratitude, Denis

18. 03. 2012

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the entire Deutsche Klinik Allianz team, and in particular to Irina Sarov and Vladimir Sholokhov, for organizing the diagnostic and treatment program in German clinics. First of all, I would like to note the high level of organization and professionalism of the DCA staff. By opting for DKA, you guarantee yourself that your stay in the country - from the moment you arrive in Germany until your departure after the end of the treatment or diagnostic program - will be thought out to the smallest detail. If necessary, DKA employees can provide a full range of related services to ensure your comfortable stay in the country: whether it is transfers from the airport or trips to clinics, hotel reservations, provision of medicines and much more. As for the medical part itself, the well-known German quality of the medical care provided leaves no room for criticism. These are highly qualified doctors who, as a rule, have academic degrees, and most importantly, considerable work experience, including the experience of performing hundreds of operations annually, if we are talking about surgery; and courteous medical staff in clinics, and, of course, all the variety of hardware and laboratory tools and diagnostic methods. Whatever the profile of your problem, you are in good hands. Both diagnostics and treatment will be carried out in the shortest possible time, as doctors have an understanding that European medical care represents certain financial costs for the patient, sometimes quite tangible, therefore, you will not be detained in the clinic more than is really necessary, and also will not prescribe any procedures or studies that are not indicated. And one more important point: be sure that all your problems, no matter how delicate they are, will be solved with great understanding and tact. Be healthy!

Fomicheva Ludmila
10. 02. 2012

I think Germany has the best facilities for diagnosis, treatment, surgery; especially difficult medical cases. Special words of gratitude to the specialist accompanied by me - Irina Zorina.

28. 01. 2012

8(342) 2-430-800

Everything is organized at a high professional level. My advice to other patients is to trust the Deutsche Klinik Allianz Team. I thank the Deutsche Klinik Allianz Team, the Doctors and all the medical staff for the attentive attitude and high professionalism during the examination and treatment.

02. 12. 2011


I liked everything very much! You can go. Thanks to our escorts Irina and Vladimir Sholokhov for their kindness and participation in our affairs.

14. 10. 2011

The organization is clear, the clinic is excellent, the doctors are professional. Everything is great. Thank you.

Love to.
Kursk region
10. 09. 2011

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please convey my deep gratitude to Irina for the support and thanks to all your team for working with me, for attention, sensitivity, fast and professional solution of my problems. I wish you all the best, success in your work, good income, well-being in your personal life. Thank you for the documents you sent me. I will be glad to come to Düsseldorf again.

Kolpakova Svetlana Stanislavovna
14. 07. 2011


Thanks a lot. Everything was organized at an excellent level. This is not the first time I have contacted you and I think that if the opportunity arises I will use your services again.

Svetlana, Igor, Maxim
14. 06. 2011

For 6 years, Deutsche Klinik Allianz has become our family magic doctor. All emerging health problems in various fields of medicine are invariably resolved at such a high level of competence and professionalism, with such attention, responsiveness and care that for our family there has long been no question of whom to turn to for help if necessary. We express our deepest gratitude and trust to the Deutsche Klinik Allianz team. We wish everyone good health.

Saint Petersburg
30. 05. 2011

I want to say a big thank you and express my admiration for the professionalism, tact, attentiveness of Dr. Falbrede and all the medical staff of the clinic where I was treated for cancer.

 “In any case, there will be success,” Dr. Falbrede said at our first meeting (instead of: “why didn’t they come earlier,” “if they had taken care of themselves, they wouldn’t have had to have an operation,” etc., what I’m used to hearing in our Russian clinics.)

Biana Sour and Inna Trofimova, employees of the department for work with foreign patients, helped me in organizing the treatment.

In addition to the impeccable organization, I also want to say a big thank you to them for their human participation, support, and help in any matters.

If, God forbid, the same trouble happens to someone as it happened to me, I strongly advise you to contact Deutsche Klinik ALLIANZ. There you will be helped, supported and certainly cured.

In any case, there will be success!

Moscow, Russia
14. 03. 2011

My visit to the clinic was organized at a very high level. Everything was planned with great understanding of the issues and comfortable. There were no problems during the visit. I also liked the clinic's specialist, Vladimir Sholokhov, who accompanied me and translated the conversations. I was pleasantly surprised that before my arrival he had already been acquainted with preliminary information about my state of health. For each visit to the doctor, Vladimir was prepared in advance, it was very convenient and pleasant. Thank you so much for taking such good care of your patients!

Ivanov Alexander
14. 02. 2011

Dear friends! I want to say a few words about the Deutsche Clinic Alliance company, or rather, about the people who work there. And to be even more precise - about professionals working in the department for working with foreign patients!

From April 23, 2012 to May 19, 2012, my mother and I spent at the Niederberg Clinical Complex, which is part of the Deutsche Clinic Alliance, uniting 20 different medical clinics under one roof.

At the airport in Dusseldorf we were met by a girl who later accompanied us to all medical procedures as an interpreter and coordinator of our further actions. This girl's name is Biana. I am infinitely grateful to her for her responsiveness, kindness and efficiency in solving our various, including purely domestic, problems. I want to say special thanks to Denis Berengolets, a man who also spent a lot of time with us in difficult times. Communicating with these people, I encountered real professionals in their field! People who do not like their job cannot be so understanding, sincere, internally balanced and intelligent, ready to respond to pain and come to the rescue in any matter (and there are a lot of them when undergoing treatment abroad!!!)! Communicating with these people, I was convinced of the complexity of their work and the smoothness of the mechanism! Such business qualities as an understanding of the overall task and efficiency, clarity in the implementation of individual planned activities, practical (from experience) advice, focus on the patient are the few things that make me write this review! These people are great! They do their job well and with love! And this is exactly what we urgently need abroad!

Dear friends! Try not to get sick. But if it happened, I can recommend you with a light heart to entrust your health to people who understand the value of this trust! People who are very good and quickly help you in difficult times!!! Ivanov Alexander, born in 1962, Moscow, e-mail Voljanin62@mail.en

12. 12. 2010

Sincere gratitude to all DAK employees who worked with me for their professionalism and human sensitivity. I wish that in your life there will always be a place for love, kindness and mercy.

10. 11. 2010

I found myself in a hopeless situation and turned to Germany at the Alliance Clinic. From the first meeting, I realized that people who are not indifferent and attentive work here. They not only accompany and help me everywhere during my stay in Germany, they look for the best doctors and medicines,  they help with visas and accommodation, but they also call Russia, write to the post office at any of my requests. I would like to say “thank you very much” to the people working in the clinic. You help not only with deeds, but also provide psychological support to sick people who are in great need of it.

14. 10. 2010

On behalf of my wife and myself, I want to thank the staff Deutsche Clinic Allianz for organizing a trip to Düsseldorf and a medical examination.

Everything was done at a high level.

21. 09. 2010

This is not the first time I have contacted this organization. The qualifications of doctors is high, the exact definition of the diagnosis, she performed several operations in Germany. The latter was at the otolaryngologist. I was worried about frequent headaches for several days, headache pills helped weakly, they did not completely remove the pain. The diagnosis is sinusitis. After a diagnosis in Germany, they said a deviated septum and cleaning of the sinuses of the nose and head, they are completely filled with accumulations of fluid. Our friend, when with such a diagnosis, had a fever and was hospitalized in a paid clinic in Moscow (an expensive clinic from Gazprom), his forehead was drilled to pump out the fluid, and his face after surgery on the nasal septum was bruised, bruised and edema for almost 3 weeks ( the deviated septum of the nose is the cause of this diagnosis, it makes it difficult for the outflow of fluid from the sinuses.) And now how I did it in Germany. There are no bruises or bruising after the operation. After 3 days, when the “tubes” that are inserted during the operation are removed from the nose, they hold the nasal septum, I was released from the hospital to the hotel. In the reflection of the mirror, I saw myself without any changes, my face, my nose - I was delighted, and that's all in 3 days. After staying at the hotel for another three days, a doctor's appointment and you can go home. I would like to mention the people hosting us there. They meet, see off, any request, not even for medicine, will not be left without attention. My daughter goes in for equestrian sports, she asked if there were such shops. They quickly found everything, drove it, helped with the translation - thanks to everyone !!! There were free days, they organized bus excursions for me to Amsterdam (for 20 € 1.5 hours drive), to Luxembourg (for 30 € about 3 hours drive). If necessary, they book hotels, buy return tickets .., Escort translators are very friendly, well-mannered, delicate ..., Many thanks to the whole team, Thank you all, you are doing good, doctors are miracles !!!! It is true that medicine in Germany is the best in the world. And the motto of the host country: "Your problems are our problems"

Galina N.
09. 08. 2010

Diagnosis: basalioma

The treatment at one of the clinics of the Deutsche Klinik Allianz in Wupertal with Professor Thomas Diersch left an unforgettable impression. The clinic is distinguished by a superbly selected team of professionals who work clearly and harmoniously at all levels. This applies both to the diagnosis and treatment by Prof. Thomas Dirschk, as well as to the excellent service throughout the stay. They helped us in choosing a hotel that was optimal in terms of price-quality ratio, and, if necessary, provided transport to the clinic. In addition, excellent translators were constantly in touch with us, helping on all issues, including household ones. I not only received the help of highly qualified specialists, but also constantly felt support, attention and care. Many thanks to Prof. Thomas Dirschka and his wonderful team!

28. 06. 2010

Everything was organized very well. Satisfied with the organization and level of all studies and consultations. I advise you to contact the clinics of the alliance! Thanks to all the staff and doctors!

Marina K.
Saint Petersburg
25. 04. 2010

With great gratitude I remember the doctors and staff of the Niederberg Clinic. I came to you with a diagnosis of polypoid formation of the stomach. As a result of endoscopic examinations by Dr. Köstermann, the diagnosis was not confirmed, which made me very happy, since there was no need for surgery. The whole unpleasant procedure was carried out under light anesthesia. Once again, I thank you all for your careful and caring attitude towards me.

Marina K.

Zina P.
02. 02. 2010

My relatives! Your patient Zina is writing to you. Oh, how scary it was to go to you! And she left already as from close friends! Everyone, from the receptionist of the head of the outpatient gynecology center, Dr. Hesseling, the nurses of the department to the employees of the Russian department, showed so much love and care for me, a simple Russian woman!

I came to you for an operation, it was my first in my life. My health is good, after 2 weeks I already went to work. I would be very grateful if you would convey my gratitude to all the doctors, sisters and clinic workers who took care of me so touchingly!

With love,
Zina P.

Vladimir R.
24. 11. 2009

I heard about your clinic from my parents, who, having been treated in Germany, spoke enthusiastically about it. At the beginning, I thought that my parents were exaggerating, as always, but after talking with the head of the department for working with foreign patients, Leonid Nosnik, I thought about it. Yes, in my homeland I have already consulted with doctors, and they also offered me an operation. But I did not expect such striking differences in the course of the postoperative period. After the conversation, I sat down at the computer and discovered that, indeed, the LASIK operation for vision correction is a common thing for German doctors, and Dr. Hemenking is one of the leading specialists in this field. I decided to go to Germany myself and meet with the director of the ophthalmological clinic, Dr. Hemerking. After a series of examinations and measurements, the doctor described to me in detail the entire course of the operation. While agreeing to it, he still felt great anxiety. Cutting the cornea with a laser and doing further manipulations without anesthesia seemed beyond my comprehension. Exactly 20 minutes later, as the doctor promised, I got up from the chair and could see without glasses (my vision was -5 in both eyes). There were no “dark rooms” for 2 weeks, no restrictions on working at a computer and reading - there was nothing that frightened me in conversations with our doctors!

Now 3 months have passed since the operation, I was able to continue my studies at the university without a break, my vision is in perfect order! Thank you very much!

Andrew V.
04. 06. 2009

Dear employees of the St. Antonius Clinic Concern!
It is with great gratitude that I send you this letter. Arriving as a tourist in Germany, I soon felt unwell in the region of the heart. On the advice of friends, I turned to one of the university clinics in the city, where they began to examine me on an outpatient basis. After one of the procedures, my health deteriorated even more. Living in a hotel in a foreign country, there was uncertainty, fear. In a difficult moment, I remembered the story of my good friend in Moscow about the clinic of St. Antonius. Recognizing the phone number, I called the International Patients Department. It was as if they were waiting for my call, they listened to me so interestedly and warmly. The doctor Alexander Bakaleinik gave me such a detailed consultation over the phone that my doubts disappeared, I had to go to the clinic. On the same day, the head of the department, Leonid Nosnik, agreed on an examination and inpatient treatment at the Department of Internal Medicine of the Niederberg Clinic, and in the afternoon I was already placed in the clinic in a comfortable ward for private patients.

All examinations and analyzes were carried out under the supervision of Dr. Emmerich, Chief Physician of the Cardiology Clinic. Rarely have I met a doctor who, in addition to his high qualifications and extensive experience, could give his patient warmth and sincere concern. The doctor took a lot of time to answer all my questions. A detailed conversation, the accuracy of the wording, his attitude towards his patients - all this inspires great confidence in this person.

In addition to medical support, the staff of the department for foreign patients was tirelessly near me. Their complicity, empathy with all my problems also helped my quick recovery.

Many thanks to all doctors, nurses and clinic staff!

Faith N.
14. 03. 2009

My story is probably not much different from most of the stories of cancer patients. Behind the everyday bustle, she did not immediately realize the deterioration in her general state of health. When she finally came to see the doctor, she was diagnosed with cancer. Having survived the first shock, I decided without hesitation to go to Germany for surgery and treatment, because I heard that medicine in Germany is considered one of the leading in the world. After a long search on the Internet, I chose St. Antonius Clinics, and I was not mistaken! From the first phone call, the same day telephone consultation with a competent doctor, assistance with obtaining a visa, and ending with a farewell at the airport - in everything I felt that they cared for me! It helped me a lot to gain hope for recovery.

Separately, I would like to say a few words about the doctors of the clinic. I did not accidentally write this word with a capital letter. The first conversation with the Chief Physician and Head of the Oncology Clinic Dr. Sandmann convinced me of his high professionalism. All the necessary examinations and analyzes were done without delay, the upcoming operation was proposed and explained in detail, which was successfully performed by the chief physician of the surgical department, Dr. Damanakis. The high professional level of the specialists, the reverent attitude towards me on the part of the entire medical staff allowed me to quickly restore my strength and prepare for the subsequent therapy.

I would also like to thank Dr. Plett, Senior Physician of the Surgical Department, for her sincere participation in my life.
I express my most sincere gratitude and appreciation to the entire staff of the clinic and the staff of the department for working with foreign patients and wish you happiness, health and success in your hard work!

Sincerely, Vera N.


Alexander T.
21. 12. 2008

We thank the doctors, the medical staff of the St. Antonius Clinic for the help provided to me and my wife during the diagnosis and treatment. Many thanks to the entire team of the department for working with foreign patients for their well-coordinated and efficient work. We thank you for your kind and attentive attitude and wish the whole team success in their future work.

Ruslan K.
14. 10. 2008

In early 2009, I was diagnosed with a varicocele and recommended surgery. After much deliberation, a decision was made to undergo treatment abroad. Having studied information about various clinics on the Internet, I contacted their representatives. After the first telephone consultations, I settled on the group of St. Antonius clinics in Germany. All negotiations and initial consultations were conducted with a competent Russian-speaking employee Tatyana Braginskaya. Having agreed on all the points of treatment, my wife and I flew to Germany, Düsseldorf.

Upon arrival at the clinic, we were met by a wonderful employee of the concern, Olga Tomilina. On the same day, a meeting was held with Professor Göpel, the operating surgeon. The operation was scheduled for the next morning. We were placed in a separate double room, and all the necessary procedures were carried out (tests, a meeting with an anesthesiologist, etc.)
The next day, at 8 am, the operation began, which lasted an hour and a half. Everything went so professionally and tactfully that there are simply no words to describe it. Opening my eyes, I asked the surgeon: “When will the operation begin?” Everyone laughed, and the surgeon answered in Russian with a slight accent: “That's it. Operation was successfully completed".
Two days later we flew home. It took me another two weeks to fully recover, without any complications or inconvenience.

Later, I asked a doctor I knew: “How far is our Russian medicine behind the German one?” He replied: “Forever…..”

Sincerely, Ruslan K.

Zhanara J.
Almaty city
03. 05. 2008

Many thanks to the staff of Kl. St. Antonius for the warm welcome and care. In addition to a complete medical examination and consultation with Dr. Stirl, thanks to you I was able to see the sights of Dusseldorf and Wuppertal and even ride the world-famous Schwebebahn. Good luck, prosperity, health to you and your loved ones, and, of course, Kl. St. Antonius.



Olga P.
28. 02. 2008

I want to share my impressions about the organization, treatment and human assistance in general about the people I had to meet in the most difficult period of our lives.

It all started, as always, with random coincidences. We (and this is the son, his girlfriend and I, the spouse's wife) searched the Internet for a clinic for our dad about the surgical treatment of carcinoma of the right kidney, followed by the replacement of the L2 vertebra. In Russia, namely in Moscow, we stayed in 3 clinics, in which all the doctors knew about such operations, they constantly told us about them, but when it came to performing them, for some reason everyone refused to do them.

When we turned to the search for clinicians from other countries, we ran into another problem: the intermediary firms that organized the treatment, for some reason, wanted a lot of money for their intermediary services at once, and it is not possible to contact clinics (doctors) directly, as doctors do not have access to information communication via the Internet. Some doctors (generally, this is correct, they should treat) do not know how archived files are read (we sent MRI images in ZIP format).

In general, all our ideas about modern life, from business correspondence by e-mail, reading MRI images, advice on arranging an urgent visa, arranging a transfer, an interpreter, organizing treatment, and up to human complicity in such delicate family support during all this treatment, we received only here, from these Professionals.

As for the clinic itself, everything also pleasantly surprised us. A new private branch with a comfortable stay. Good location. Beautiful park area around the clinic.

But the most important thing is that everything went well for us. Two operations were performed at the highest level. And we have hope again: EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD!

Oksana K.
21. 01. 2008

My husband and I live in Germany quite recently, only 5 months. And 5 weeks ago, a wonderful event happened in our lives - our son was born! Despite the fact that the whole pregnancy went well, without complications, the approach of childbirth was very frightening: it was still a foreign country, not knowing the language, unfamiliar doctors and a clinic. Imagine my surprise when, having entered the clinic, the doctors, seeing my confusion and misunderstanding, immediately called a Russian-speaking employee from the department for foreign patients of their Clinic. After 15 minutes, employee Olga was already next to me in the delivery room.

The birth turned out to be very difficult: a large child with my fragile complexion. Even before the birth, doctors and midwives, doing ultrasound, probably assumed that it would be difficult for a child to be born naturally. Therefore, in a conversation with me, they very correctly, gently and non-persistently said that they would do everything possible to ensure that the child was born naturally, but a caesarean section cannot be ruled out. After this conversation, I was not at all afraid, I realized that I could completely entrust myself and my baby in the experienced hands of doctors.

Our son did not want to be born, and when there was no point in waiting, the doctors began to prepare me for a caesarean section. It all happened so quickly and imperceptibly that you can't even believe it. Instead of general anesthesia, I was given a spinal anesthetic, and thus both my husband and I could be said to be "present" at the birth of our baby. To hear the first cry of our baby, and in a minute to hold him in your arms is just a miracle!

After the birth, my son and I spent several days in the clinic. There are simply not enough words to express my gratitude to the doctors, midwives, nurses and Russian-speaking attendants for the care, attention, understanding, warmth and, of course, the professionalism that they showed towards me. Thank you so much for giving my husband and me happiness - our child!

Hope M.
07. 12. 2007

I would like to thank L. Nosnik, Head of the Department for Work with Foreign Patients of the St. Antonius Clinic, for giving me the opportunity to receive qualified medical care in Germany.

Everything was organized very quickly and efficiently. The operation and examinations were performed at the Breast Center under the direction of Dr. Falbrede. Thank you very much! You are doing a great job!

Dmitry P.
Saint Petersburg
11. 11. 2007

Unfortunately, I had to face our Russian medicine. And I really understood that it is not in vain that they say that our doctors are not as qualified as they are abroad. They may be good specialists in their own right, but our Russian health care system is not built the way it should be. At us one doctor looks, the second treats, the third appoints or nominates tablets. And in Germany, one doctor can do all these manipulations himself, respectively, he has a complete picture, and not just words. So, after the operation in my homeland, I had to literally run away to Germany in order to refute all the diagnoses that our doctors made for me, due to the fact that they could not find any illness. Arriving in Germany, in Dusseldorf, I was met, escorted to the clinic, placed in a good room. Russian-speaking employees of the clinic came all the time, asked if everything was in order. The treatment was carried out by leading specialists, who immediately said that the diagnoses of 100% made in Russia were incorrect. And they began to look for the cause. And of course they found it. Every day, Prof. George explained everything in detail. I would also like to note the high professionalism of Dr. Kutchi. We decided that surgery was required, which, I immediately said, I would do only in Germany. Now, after a successful operation, everything is fine, but our Russian doctors are still at a loss as to how this is so ... Therefore, I can advise everyone who has the financial ability and needs serious treatment, only Germany. Thanks to everyone for the great work.

Elena G.
14. 10. 2007

For medical reasons, I had to undergo endoscopic surgery. The question arose: where can it be done with high quality and with minimal risk? The choice was small: either in Moscow (in a good clinic with Ingosstrakh insurance, or in a local regional hospital). I don’t want to offend worthy doctors and other medical staff who are fighting for the lives and health of people, but in general, once you get to our hospital, you can only hope that you will survive after the operation. With two kids, I didn't want to risk it.

The Lord brought me together with wonderful people-doctors. Doctors, indeed, from God, Professionals with a capital letter, who cured my children.

When the operation became unavoidable, they advised to do it in a German clinic, with a doctor in his field, who had already performed thousands of such operations. On one side of the scale was my future life and health, performance, well-being of my family. On the other: complete uncertainty, the hope for "maybe", that everything will work out.

I chose the first one. From the moment the decision was made to the day of admission to the clinic, 1 month passed. After the necessary procedures, usual for traveling abroad, I ended up in the German city of Wupertal. My curator-translator and I arrived on time for an appointment with Dr. Hesseling. At the appointed time, we were invited to the office. The friendliness of the doctor and assistant was very captivating. Moreover, it was clear that such a manner of communication is natural for the “doctor-patient” dialogue. After listening carefully, examining me and taking the necessary tests, the doctor told me how the operation would take place, how intense and where it would hurt after the operation, how soon it would be possible to return to normal life. The operation was scheduled the next day. The doctor's appointment lasted approximately 1 hour. Then I was referred to an anesthesiologist who asked questions about my body and so on for 45 minutes.

On the appointed day and hour, my curator and I arrived at the hospital. Having registered me at the department, the nurse took me to a single room, which struck me because it looked a little like a hospital room: good furniture, a comfortable bed, a refrigerator, paintings on the walls pleasantly surprised me.

All I had to do was wait… It was already past noon and I was seized with anxiety, because they didn’t come for me. It is known that in our hospitals they operate only in the 1st half of the day. Toward evening, the operation began. When I woke up after anesthesia, I was brought to the ward. There was no pain, only an overexcited state that did not allow sleep. All night long, the doctor and nurse on duty came to me and inquired about my condition. The next morning, at 8 o'clock, Dr. Hesseling came to the ward with another Russian-speaking surgeon. Asked about the state of health, examined, talked. And again affably, with participation. I spent only 4 days in the hospital, although I could be discharged the next day after the operation. All these days, the doctors who were on duty in the department and the nurses were constantly interested in my well-being and helped, if necessary. Before I was discharged, Dr. Hesseling examined me and gave me the necessary instructions. The next day I flew back to Moscow. I returned to work after 6 days. It's been 8 months since the operation. I feel great.

I am grateful to the Lord for the fact that there are SUCH people in my life: not indifferent to someone else's misfortune, merciful, spiritually rich, humane, highly professional, responsible ... THANKS TO THEM AND LOW BOW

Svetlana G.
28. 09. 2007

I sincerely thank the employees of the St. Antonius Clinic Concern (gynecological department) for their warmth and care, for kind smiles and responsiveness, for hearing words of greeting in Russian every day.

Many thanks to Olga Tomilina for always being there, for her kind attitude, support and understanding. And I want to say special thanks to Dr. Falbrede for his high professionalism, for his kind heart and golden hands, for the optimism and desire to live that he instills in us. Thanks a lot to everyone!

Sincerely, Svetlana G.

Elena K.
14. 08. 2007

The trip for the purpose of laparoscopy operation met all my expectations. I received answers to all my questions to other specialists: urologist, ophthalmologist, cardiologist. Special BIG THANKS to Olga Tomilina for support and support.