In the Diadentis dental clinic, modern technical equipment is combined with the high competence of specialists, which guarantees quick and painless treatment for patients. Thanks to modern video glasses, the treatment will be professional and clear. And for convenience, patients are provided with a very comfortable special massage treatment chair.

The doctors of the clinic feel their main responsibility is to help patients keep their own teeth for life. Equally important principles are the comfort of the patient, the functionality of his teeth, his general health and aesthetic criteria. The treatment that the patient undergoes in the Clinic must be invisible, durable and affordable.

According to statistics from the Institute of German Dentists, an average of 15 teeth fall out in people between the ages of 40 and 65. Patients regularly treated at the Clinic Dr. Stefan Schmid lose less than one tooth on average during this period of their lives.

Doctor of Medical Sciences
Doctor of Medical Sciences
Chief physician and head of the dental clinic