The Ophthalmological Clinic uses all the advanced technologies and achievements of modern ophthalmology. The use of the latest diagnostic equipment from Carl Zeiss makes it possible to detect almost all eye diseases at the earliest stages, when the patient himself does not notice any changes in his vision. More than 12,000 patients are examined every year and about 5,000 eye surgeries are performed, both in outpatient and inpatient settings. A carefully selected team of specialists ensures high quality results.

An important direction in the field of therapy of the anterior segment of the eye is the treatment of all forms of lens opacity (cataract) with the implantation of the latest, individually selected, artificial lenses, which, for example, replace glasses for near and far (the so-called multifocal intraocular lenses) or , also, can align the pronounced unevenness of the cornea (the so-called toric intraocular lenses). Corneal surgery also belongs to our operative spectrum. Lamellar methods of treatment of the outer cornea are carried out. Corneal tissue transplantation for cicatricial changes, injuries, inflammatory processes or congenital diseases of the cornea includes both radical and layered transplantation. To this end, there is close cooperation with various corneal banks, with the goal of always having high-quality donor corneas available in a timely manner.

Also, our range of treatments includes modern conservative methods, laser surgery methods and surgical techniques, including shunt implantation and viscocanalostomy in the treatment of glaucoma. In diagnosing the pathology of the anterior segment of the eye, we are helped by the most modern measuring instruments: endothelial microscope, autorefractor, corneal topographers; devices for preoperative assessment of the lens during cataract surgery, such as, for example, ultrasound (A-scanner) and optical device IOL-master. In addition, to monitor the dynamics of glaucoma progression, our eye clinic has high-resolution ultrasound devices and up-to-date tomographic imaging capabilities of the optic nerve (HRT, Heidelberg Retina Tomograf).

Especially for our little patients, we have organized a school of vision, where they receive competent, very patient care in the treatment of strabismus and visual impairment. Of course, this also applies to adult patients with strabismus who come to our strabology department. Our clinic has many years of experience in plastic surgery of the eyelids, both in the cosmetic sense and in the meaning of reconstructive surgery after trauma or after interventions for a tumor. Diseases of the tear ducts can be diagnosed and treated by special, partially endoscopic, techniques.

In the main areas of operations on the retina, we have at our disposal all surgical methods for the treatment of the vitreous body and retina. The latest laser and surgical surgical techniques make it possible to treat all diseases of the retina without exception. We pay special attention to the treatment of age-related changes in the retina (macula degeneration).

Our treatment spectrum ranges from laser therapy through PDT (photodynamic therapy), injections of medicines into the eyeball (eg lucentis) to transplantation of the choroid that feeds the retina in particularly severe cases. Perforation and retinal detachment, depending on the severity, are treated with laser therapy or microsurgery. Diagnosis in the retinal area is complemented by digital imaging with fluorescent substances (fluorescein angiography), measurement of the electrical impulse of the optic nerve (electrophysiology) and layered imaging of the retina by OCT (optical coherence tomography).

Patients are offered a full range of medical services for vision correction, cataract surgery, glaucoma, laser treatment of retinal pathology. Diagnostics carried out in the Center is fast, accurate and painless for the patient. All surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis.

Doctor of Medical Sciences
Head of the ophthalmology clinic
Professor, MD, PhD
Head of the regional center for diseases of the macula and retina