The therapeutic spectrum includes surgical interventions for

  • brain tumors and brain metastases in adults and adolescent patients
  • skull base tumors, including acoustic neuroma surgery
  • pituitary tumors, also taking into account non-surgical methods of treatment of cerebrovascular diseases. Together with the Department of Neuroradiology, the tactics of surgical treatment are agreed: open, endovascular, or a combination of both methods
  • traumatic brain injury and its consequences
  • various defects of the cranial vault and bone defects
  • hydrocephalus and congenital defects of the spine - incomplete closure of the spinal canal (Spina bifida)
  • spinal canal tumors located in close proximity
    with the spinal cord, surgical removal of tumors of the spinal cord.
Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences
Head of the neurosurgery clinic
Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences
Head of the Clinic for Neurosurgery and Spine Surgery
Head of the Interdisciplinary Neurological Center