To combat tongue cancer, surgery and radiation therapy are used. In the early stages of the disease, both methods can be applied alternatively. With both methods, the results of treatment and survival are the same, however, with the use of radiation therapy, functionally better results are achieved.

This applies, however, not only to the treatment of tumors, but also to the treatment of cervical lymph nodes. With advanced stages of tumors, both methods are combined, which has an additional effect.


The extent of the operation depends on the respective stage and localization of the tumor. Small tumors located in the area of the movable part of the tongue are most often amenable to surgical removal within healthy tissues without complications. Tumors located at the base of the tongue, which may have already spread to neighboring structures, are a more difficult surgical task. If there are larger tumors in the floor of the mouth or partially ingrown into the pharynx, an extended operation with partial removal of the tongue and lower jaw is necessary.

Such tumor removal operations require special modern technologies, know-how. With the use of final radiation therapy, the chances of a cure are improved.

The cervical lymph nodes should also be included in the treatment process. Therefore, excision fiber is the method of choice. If there are metastases in the lymph nodes, a radical excision of the tissue of the neck is performed, in which the entire lymphatic system of the lateral region of the neck, the jugular vein, the sternocleidomastoid muscle and all subcutaneous fat are completely removed. In case of widespread tumors, the presence of metastases in the lymph nodes or the impossibility of performing complete operations, radiotherapy of the tumor area, as well as the lymphatic tracts of the neck, is performed after surgery.

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