The Radiology Clinic of the Clinical Association has a long-awaited addition. Radiologists now have the latest generation of CT scanners at their disposal.

One of the main factors that makes the new tomograph unique is the high image quality that provides detailed and accurate diagnostics. The high resolution and contrast of the image result in clearer results, allowing the association's physicians to quickly and accurately identify problems in the patient's body.

In addition, the tomograph offers a high scanning speed, which helps in carrying out diagnostics several times faster. The fast scan also cuts the radiation dose a patient receives by a factor of three.

The new device is universal in use, it is used for a wide range of studies, including the diagnosis of blood vessels and the heart.

“In our opinion, the new CT scanner is ideal for cardiac tomography, as we can obtain very clear images with appropriate diagnostic quality even when the heart is moving,” says Prof. F. Lux. This high quality of diagnostic images is possible even at high or variable heart rates and without the use of beta-blockers.


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