The Pediatric Surgery Clinic performs diagnostics and treatment of pediatric patients with various surgical pathologies requiring emergency or planned surgical treatment or conservative therapy. The age range of our patients ranges from prematurely born children weighing less than 1000 grams to adolescence.

The clinic is equipped with the most modern medical equipment, including the latest endoscopic equipment designed specifically for children. Highly qualified specialists have developed a unique multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of childhood diseases.

For many centuries, it was mistakenly believed that the child's body is an adult in miniature. The progressive development of medicine made it necessary to recognize that the child's body has a number of structural and functional features that change in the process of development.

Taking into account precisely these laws of development of the human body in different periods of life makes it possible to achieve adequate optimal results in the treatment of patients. At the heart of the development of the growing organism of the child, according to its laws determined by nature, there is a huge potential for self-healing, self-healing. Our doctors, medical and nursing staff also take into account the fact that an inadequate emotional response to young children and adolescents and an inadequate behavioral approach to them can lead to the development of a severe mental disorder and to a long-term impairment in the mental development of young patients.

Let's suppose that as a result of an injury, a child urgently needs surgical care. Immediately after the injury, the child develops an acute state of fear, agitation, the child is pale, breathes rapidly, etc. When assisting a child during this emergency, the peculiarities of the child's psyche must be taken into account. It is very important for children to feel that the situation is under control. On the part of the doctor and attendants, a particularly sensitive approach, great endurance, compassion, affectionate treatment and affectionate approach to the child, tact and attention are needed. Well-established contact with a sick child will significantly increase the effectiveness of the treatment and is the prevention of mental trauma, which lead to serious consequences for the mental development of children.