The Mother and Child Center is a unique medical institution that can provide the full range of assistance in the field of gynecology, mammology and obstetrics. On the basis of the Center, the largest obstetrics school in Germany for 90 places was founded, which recently celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Every year, about 2,000 babies are born in the obstetrics department. It is the largest branch in North Rhine-Westphalia and one of the largest in all of Germany. The Center is justifiably proud of the fact that it has the lowest neonatal mortality rate in the region, the third highest in Germany.

prenatal period

The last months of the prenatal period should be devoted to all organizational issues related to the immediate process of childbirth. In order to get acquainted with the doctor, get registered and undergo all the necessary examinations, it is advisable to arrive in Germany 1 month before the expected birth (in case of uncomplicated pregnancy) and 1.5 - 2 months before. (in case of complications). Admission to the maternity ward occurs with the onset of labor.

A pre-arranged flight to Germany will help to avoid additional stress. airlines have different scales for gestational age on which women are allowed to board the aircraft.

The Center provides medical care to patients whose pregnancy is associated with a risk to their health and the health of the child. In the prenatal phase, women in labor are given the opportunity to undergo modern prenatal diagnostics and intrauterine therapy. Gynecologists work in close cooperation with specialists from related disciplines: pediatric neurologists and surgeons.


The woman herself chooses the method of childbirth (for example, childbirth in water). At her disposal there are inflatable balls, chairs, mats, ropes, a bath, a shower.

Doctors of the Center for Mother and Child are focused on physiological family childbirth. Based on the fact that childbirth is a natural process, medical interventions are carried out only when they are necessary for the safety of the mother and child. Midwives are proficient in non-pharmacological methods of pain relief, such as acupuncture, acupressure, a special breathing and relaxation system, which alleviate labor pain and normalize the course of childbirth, which, with a certain psychophysical preparation, can be more effective than drugs. In addition, to alleviate the condition of the woman in labor, the center offers homeopathic medicines, aromatherapy, aroma baths as painkillers and sedatives.

Childbirth takes place under the close supervision of a professional obstetric team, consisting of an individual obstetrician-gynecologist, midwife, anesthetist, pediatrician. Any medical actions during childbirth are carried out after a detailed explanation of the need for medical intervention and obtaining the consent of the woman in labor.

After childbirth, the baby can be constantly with the mother or, if she needs rest, the experienced staff of the children's department will take care of him. The stay in the clinic is 4-7 days.

perinatal center

The Pediatric Resuscitation Department, designed for 12 beds for newborns and 4 boxes for children with respiratory problems, is equipped with the most modern equipment and the latest medicines, which gives the child a chance to survive in the most severe cases.

Department of Mammology and Gynecology

Specialists in the field of mammology and gynecology, radiological diagnostics will help solve the postpartum problems of a woman without taking her away from the baby.

Doctor of Medical Sciences
Head of the clinic of mammology and gynecology
Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences
Head of the Clinic of Gynecology and Oncogynecology