Preventive diagnostics involves an integrated approach, with the patient in the middle of attention.

Our preventive diagnostics with its wide range of examinations is aimed at a detailed clarification of the current state of your health. The examination combines the combination of the most modern visual methods for examining the most important parameters of your body with high medical competence in diagnostic preventive medicine.

"Modern visual research methods" – this is how we define high diagnostic technologies:

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Computed tomography (CT)
  • PET-CT

"High medical competence" means the involvement of highly qualified specialists who, guided by a broad, targeted examination concept, find potential "weak points" in the patient's body. This combination allows you to analyze even the smallest details. Of course, an in-depth consultation with a specialist doctor is an integral part of preventive diagnostics, because, after all, you need to know what needs to be done to preserve your health.

Radiological diagnostic programs

"Your Body XS"

"Your Body"

"Your Body Plus"


Medical history interview with the chief of the radiology clinic (patient's medical history, current health concerns, symptoms, lifestyle habits, family medical history, identifying risk factors)
Comprehensive Blood Tests
Blood Pressure Monitoring
Examination of the Vessels of the Fundus
Pulmonary Function Test
Doppler Ultrasound of the Vessels of the Neck
Ultrasound Examination of the Thyroid Gland and Soft Tissues of the Neck
 Ultrasound Examination of the Heart Echocardiography
Magnetic Resonance Angiography -Full body MRA scan
Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Full Body MRI scan
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the head
Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) / Prostate Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Chest CT
Medical reports of all examinations
Disks with a "geographic map" of the body and the resulting images
Follow-up discussion with the doctor reviewing the results of the check-up
Duration1 day1 day1 day1 day



Technical equipment


For nuclear magnetic examinations, the most powerful computer tomograph for the whole body in Europe is used - Siemens MAGNETOM TRIO with innovative TIM-CT technology and spectroscopy. For the first time, the device supports all types of examinations in the 3 T range - from examinations of the heart, abdominal cavity and musculoskeletal system to examinations of the whole body with a local measurement field of 50 cm. At the same time, the patient remains at rest, there is no need to change the position of his body. Tim's technology is based on a unique concept that allows up to 102 coil elements to be combined and up to 32 RF channels, providing higher quality and greater scanning capabilities than previous generations of similar devices. The clinician can select any area appropriate to the current clinical task - from single small fragments to the entire body, without thinking about the maximum number of coils that can be combined. The iPAT method further improves data collection speed and image quality - this is especially important for the study of moving organs (for example, the heart or intestines), as well as for reducing the time to diagnosis.


Such a device makes it possible to examine patients with high or unstable heart rates and arrhythmias, without using beta-blockers, which were previously necessary to slow down the patient's heart. In addition, the scanner helps to detect plaques, which are an early sign of heart disease, and more accurately determine their characteristics.

SIEMENS Biograph True Point 40

Positron emission computed tomography PET-CT - Biograph 40 with True Point technology - the latest development of Siemens. The combination of two PET and CT systems in one is one of the significant innovations in recent years in the field of imaging diagnostics, which makes it possible to obtain detailed three-dimensional images of anatomical and biological processes at the molecular level within one examination. Thus, it became possible to diagnose, in particular, oncological diseases at the earliest stages, when other methods are ineffective.

The PET examination follows the CT scan without a pause. This allows, in addition to ultra-fast technologies, to reduce the examination time to 30 minutes. The compact and efficient design of the PET-CT Biograph True Point 40 offers greater patient comfort. With a larger diameter and shorter magnet, patients of all sizes feel comfortable; in addition, this design reduces the manifestations of claustrophobia in patients prone to it.


MAGNETOM Espree is the latest MR system equipped with the shortest magnet used in MRI machines. In most cases, the patient's head is outside the scanner, which is an indisputable advantage, especially for claustrophobic patients. The new magnet design of the MAGNETOM Espree offers more free space, which is especially important when diagnosing overweight people. The high power of the MAGNETOM Espree, combined with Tim's unique and most advanced technology to date, places it among the leaders in the field of diagnostics.

Diagnostic doctors