In order to proceed with diagnostics and treatment, it is necessary to obtain a Schengen visa. While applying for a tourist visa is also an option, we highly recommend and are prepared to assist you in obtaining a visa specifically for medical treatment. To facilitate the preparation of an invitation letter to the German embassy in your country, we kindly request the provision of the following formal information:

  • Full name and surname of the patient, precisely as stated in the foreign passport, in Latin transcription.
  • Full name and surname of the accompanying person, also in Latin transcription.
  • Date of birth of both the patient and the accompanying person.
  • Passport numbers for both the patient and the accompanying person.
  • Expiry dates of the foreign passports.
  • Residential address for the purpose of patient and accompanying person registration during their stay.

To ensure accuracy, we kindly request that you provide photocopies of each passport. Moreover, in order for us to dispatch the original invitation, we require a complete postal address, including the applicable zip code, along with a designated contact person's telephone number.

The invitation will be dispatched to you via registered mail or DHL. Please note that the patient is responsible for covering the approximate cost of 50€ associated with express mail delivery.