Hair growth disorders in dermatology are considered to be very painful problems for patients. In most cultures, hair is a social source of signals that determine strength, advantage, and attractiveness. It is hair loss in women and young men that is a special diagnostic and therapeutic problem, because. the problem deeply affects the mental health of patients and patients.

Prof. Dr. Dirshka has been intensively dealing with diseases of the hair and scalp for years. Most clinical pictures require intensive history taking, fine diagnostics and specially selected therapeutic measures. This is only possible if the patient or patient allocates enough time to solve the problem - this is a prerequisite in the diagnosis and therapy of hair.

Our clinic has at its disposal the following modern diagnostic methods for various forms of hair loss:

  • computer diagnostics of hair density
  • trichogram
  • histological examination of the scalp
  • microbiological examination of the scalp
  • hormonal diagnostics (sex hormones, thyroid hormones)
  • immunological diagnostics (auto-antibodies)
  • nutrient diagnostics

The treatment is tailored according to the individual results and always includes various therapeutic measures tailored to your specific diagnostic results.

Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences
Head of the Clinic of Dermatology, Oncodermatology and Allergology