Rehabilitation - Deutsche Klinik Allianz

Modern rehabilitation is a functional, somatic and psychosocial recovery of patients with chronic diseases. Modern rehabilitation is intended not only for patients who are recovering from an acute illness or injury, but also for patients suffering from chronic diseases.

In connection with the modern characteristics of morbidity, the neurological, cardiological, oncological and post-traumatic areas of rehabilitation medicine have acquired primary importance.

Rehabilitation medicine in Germany is the leader in rehabilitation in Europe. German rehabilitation clinics treat patients of all age groups, from infants to the elderly. Restorative measures are carried out for patients after acute illnesses, operations, injuries, as well as chronic diseases, since modern rehabilitation begins already where the acute stage of the disease ends and the goal of rehabilitation medicine is to return the patient to his usual way of life as soon as possible. Naturally, the more serious and severe the disease, injury, surgery, the longer and more difficult the rehabilitation. At the same time, in a matter of days or weeks, modern technologies return to “normal” life those who were automatically classified as disabled 10-15 years ago. By the way, it is thanks to the success of rehabilitation that many serious diseases or operations are perceived today as “ordinary”, banal diseases and interventions. German clinics, where diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of patients are carried out, are equipped with first-class medical equipment.