– Outpatient care

  • Arthroscopic surgery of the knee (eg, repair of meniscus, cartilage, and cruciate ligaments), shoulder (eg, carpal tunnel and calcification, stabilizing surgery), ankle (eg, removal of bone fragments and intraarticular bodies)
  • Operations on the hand and foot (for example, for carpal tunnel syndrome - compression of the median nerve - Nervus medianus - in the wrist area; operations for correcting toe deformities: hammer toes, claw toes
    fingers; correction of deformities of the big toe - Hallus valgus)
  • Operations on tendons and ligaments (for example, for pain in the Achilles tendon; "tennis" elbow - epicondylitis of the external epicondyle of the humerus; with ligament ruptures)
  • Orthopedic soft tissue surgery (eg, removal of synovium and rheumatoid nodes; scar correction)
  • Removing metal parts

– Arthroscopic surgeries

  • Knee-joint: meniscal surgeries (partial removal, suture, miniscus grafting), cartilage surgeries (microfracturing, smoothing, transplantation of autologous cartilage or autologous grown cartilage or cartilage matrix), cruciate ligament surgeries (anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments, lateral ligaments, revisions, filling of drilled channels (fixation)), operations on the patella (stabilization after dislocation of the patella with plasty of the medial ligament supporting the patella, displacement of the tuberosity of the tibia (Tuberositastransfer), plasty of the femoral block, detorsion osteotomy of the femur), corrective osteotomies in the knee area of the joint (for varus and valgus deformities, double osteotomies, position control, post-traumatic corrections, treatment of pseudarthrosis), minimally invasive knee arthroplasty (“sliding” prostheses, block prostheses (Trochlea))
  • Hip joint: arthroscopy of the hip joint, removal of Cam-impingement and Pinser-impingement, resection of the acetabular lip, suturing it, cartilage smoothing, microfracturing.
  • Shoulder joint: arthroscopic surgeries for impingement syndrome, surgeries for arthrosis of the shoulder joint, surgeries for tendon ruptures (suturing for ruptures of the rotator cuff), shoulder calcification, frozen shoulder syndrome (scapulohumeral periarthritis), surgeries for transplanting the tendon of the latissimus dorsi muscle, surgeries with instability of the shoulder joint (suturing the articular lip, plication of the capsule, Latarjet operation, plastic surgery of the articular fossa with an autologous graft from the iliac crest), installation of shoulder joint endoprostheses (anatomical and inverse prostheses, partial prostheses).
  • Elbow joint: arthroscopic removal of free particles, cartilage smoothing, arthrolysis in intra-articular adhesions.

– Surgery of the hand (diseases, injuries and developmental defects of the hand.):  

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)
  • Chronic polyarthritis (rheumatic lesion of the tendons and joints of the hand)
  • Ulnar tunnel syndrome (compression injury in the area where the nerve passes through the posterior bony groove behind the medial epicondyle)
  • Stenosing ligamentitis of the fingers ("Trigger finger")
  • Heberlen (Heberlen's disease) Heberlen's nodes (nodules) = polyatrosis of the fingers deforming
  • Stenosing tendovaginitis (de Quervain's disease) is a form of chronic inflammation of the tendon sheaths.
  • Osteoarthritis of the saddle joint of the thumb (carpometacarpal joint) (Rhizarthrose)
  • Ganglia (hygromas, synovial cysts) - an encysted accumulation of serous-mucous or serous-fibrous fluid in the synovial bag or synovial vagina
  • Ganglia (cysts) in the area of the metacarpophalangeal joints
  • Enchondroma in the hand area is a benign cartilaginous tumor that forms in the bone growth zone (in the metaphysis), but does not go beyond its borders.

– Foot and ankle surgery

A wide range of surgical and conservative treatment methods: cosmetic foot surgery, surgical treatment of all diseases of the forefoot and arch of the foot, including minimally invasive surgical interventions using the arthroscopic method. The treatment of rheumatic lesions of the foot and metatarsus requires the use of particularly gentle surgical and conservative methods.

– Endoprosthetics (replacement of joints with artificial implants):

  • hip joint
  • knee joint
  • ankle joint
  • shoulder joint

Orthopedic surgeries performed in childhood (treatment of children with various orthopedic pathological conditions: internal and external clubfoot, Hallux valgus, diseases of the hip joint (dislocations, dysplasia, Morbus Perthes, epiphysiolysis of the femur)

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