I express my sincere gratitude for facilitating the trip during a difficult time of movement restrictions due to COVID-19 and organizing my examination in a number of clinics of the Association in order to establish a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

The trip, according to the first assessment, turned out to be effective, the diagnosis was made and basic treatment was prescribed. How effective it will be, time will tell and the next visit to a rheumatologist. Now I can note the scrupulousness of the doctors in studying the documents provided and studying the MRI images (I have not encountered this before, everything was looked through quickly and often the conclusions were puzzling) and the interaction of doctors of various profiles and clinics regarding my disease.

I especially want to note the attention, sincerity and clear work to accompany the doctor Polina Gorina, who accompanied in the clinics and provided translation of conversations with doctors, answered questions and gave explanations, remained in touch throughout my stay.

Thanks and see you next time!


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