I heard about your clinic from my parents, who, having been treated in Germany, spoke enthusiastically about it. At the beginning, I thought that my parents were exaggerating, as always, but after talking with the head of the department for working with foreign patients, Leonid Nosnik, I thought about it. Yes, in my homeland I have already consulted with doctors, and they also offered me an operation. But I did not expect such striking differences in the course of the postoperative period. After the conversation, I sat down at the computer and discovered that, indeed, the LASIK operation for vision correction is a common thing for German doctors, and Dr. Hemenking is one of the leading specialists in this field. I decided to go to Germany myself and meet with the director of the ophthalmological clinic, Dr. Hemerking. After a series of examinations and measurements, the doctor described to me in detail the entire course of the operation. While agreeing to it, he still felt great anxiety. Cutting the cornea with a laser and doing further manipulations without anesthesia seemed beyond my comprehension. Exactly 20 minutes later, as the doctor promised, I got up from the chair and could see without glasses (my vision was -5 in both eyes). There were no “dark rooms” for 2 weeks, no restrictions on working at a computer and reading - there was nothing that frightened me in conversations with our doctors!

Now 3 months have passed since the operation, I was able to continue my studies at the university without a break, my vision is in perfect order! Thank you very much!


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