I want to say a big thank you and express my admiration for the professionalism, tact, attentiveness of Dr. Falbrede and all the medical staff of the clinic where I was treated for cancer.

 “In any case, there will be success,” Dr. Falbrede said at our first meeting (instead of: “why didn’t they come earlier,” “if they had taken care of themselves, they wouldn’t have had to have an operation,” etc., what I’m used to hearing in our Russian clinics.)

Biana Sour and Inna Trofimova, employees of the department for work with foreign patients, helped me in organizing the treatment.

In addition to the impeccable organization, I also want to say a big thank you to them for their human participation, support, and help in any matters.

If, God forbid, the same trouble happens to someone as it happened to me, I strongly advise you to contact Deutsche Klinik ALLIANZ. There you will be helped, supported and certainly cured.

In any case, there will be success!


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