Due to the spread of the coronavirus, we are all currently faced with new, serious challenges. One of the priorities of our Clinical Association is to actively protect our patients, as well as our employees, from the further spread of the virus. For this reason, special health protection measures have now been introduced in all clinics and significant changes have been made to the practice of visiting doctors. Employees of Deutsche Klinik Allianz continue their work in the usual mode for you - "Your health is our profession!"

HOW DEUTSCHE KLINIK ALLIANZ prepared for the coronavirus

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the clinics of our Association have all the necessary conditions for the safe and effective treatment of patients. The medical and nursing staff of the clinics have been trained in special hygiene rules, which are based on the basic principles of the German Federal Institute for the Study of Infectious Diseases - the Institute. Robert Koch (Robert-Koch-Institut, RKI). To ensure the safety and protect the health of patients, all clinic staff have switched to a mode of increased hygiene control.

OPERATING MODE Deutsche Clinic Allianz during the coronavirus pandemic

The Deutsche Klinik Allianz Clinical Association continues to work in the usual mode for patients.

If you are already a patient of our clinic and you have any questions regarding the medical documentation of the examinations or other questions, you can contact us at tel. +49 211 159 423 10 or email mail patient@dk-allianz.de. Alternatively, you can contact your accompanying translator directly.

We take the health of our patients, their loved ones and the staff of our Clinical Association seriously. We sincerely hope that the information provided will be useful to you and will be updated.

Best regards and stay healthy!

Team Deutsche Clinic Allianz


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