I would like to express my admiration, gratitude, sincere sympathy to the whole team for the great work they do. Leonid Nosnik is a professional of the highest class, with an iron, business acumen, able to solve emerging problems “here and now”, able to defend his point of view, find compromise solutions, moreover, with the greatest efficiency, taking into account the interests of the patient. A real leader with a capital letter is moderately tough (otherwise the leader cannot be), but fair and understanding (which is very important). And just a beautiful, attentive and very intelligent person! Communication with him is a pleasure! Polinochka Gorina - one can talk about her endlessly and only in superlatives, unfortunately, just words are not enough. This is a person with a unique spiritual generosity, who perceives your problems as his own. A person who is not indifferent, empathetic, which is very important in our difficult time. This is a person with a higher medical education, who knows how to support, calm, inspire hope with his calm voice. This is a person who reacts to the smallest nuances of your mood, showing real care, attention to you: a wonderful bouquet of flowers, a cup of coffee, delicious soup, just human warmth. This is a person who becomes close and truly dear, who gives you care, attention, kindness, with whom you joyfully look forward to meeting. Unique, inimitable, interesting person!!! Svetochka, Vladislav are wonderful, very attentive, delicate, friendly, intelligent, simply beautiful people. They take into account all, even the most ridiculous at first glance, wishes. They rush to help in solving any problems, interesting interlocutors and wonderful people. To everyone, to everyone, and to those about whom I have not written, a huge gratitude, respect and low bow for the most serious work, humanity, kindness, patience, care and attention. I just love and admire you


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