I want to share my impressions about the organization, treatment and human assistance in general about the people I had to meet in the most difficult period of our lives.

It all started, as always, with random coincidences. We (and this is the son, his girlfriend and I, the spouse's wife) searched the Internet for a clinic for our dad about the surgical treatment of carcinoma of the right kidney, followed by the replacement of the L2 vertebra. In Russia, namely in Moscow, we stayed in 3 clinics, in which all the doctors knew about such operations, they constantly told us about them, but when it came to performing them, for some reason everyone refused to do them.

When we turned to the search for clinicians from other countries, we ran into another problem: the intermediary firms that organized the treatment, for some reason, wanted a lot of money for their intermediary services at once, and it is not possible to contact clinics (doctors) directly, as doctors do not have access to information communication via the Internet. Some doctors (generally, this is correct, they should treat) do not know how archived files are read (we sent MRI images in ZIP format).

In general, all our ideas about modern life, from business correspondence by e-mail, reading MRI images, advice on arranging an urgent visa, arranging a transfer, an interpreter, organizing treatment, and up to human complicity in such delicate family support during all this treatment, we received only here, from these Professionals.

As for the clinic itself, everything also pleasantly surprised us. A new private branch with a comfortable stay. Good location. Beautiful park area around the clinic.

But the most important thing is that everything went well for us. Two operations were performed at the highest level. And we have hope again: EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD!


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