From the bottom of my heart I express my gratitude for the professionalism, responsiveness and warmth of the heart to Elena Schmitz. I was on treatment from 06/09 to 24/09/2020.
Elena, as in all previous visits, was attentive, courteous, and most importantly charged with optimism.
During the conversation with the doctor, it was clear that Elena is not just interpreting the dialogue, but is competent in the issues of this disease and is fully in control of the situation, helps to correctly ask questions regarding further treatment and, as a result of the treatment, you receive high-quality advice on further health and how not to start the disease, and continue to lead an active life in pleasure and with pleasure!

I also want to note the excellently organized work of the Deutsche Klinik Allianz team - it is a great happiness that such competent, caring people work exactly where they are most needed.

With all my heart I wish health to you and your families! May your good deeds return to you a hundredfold!


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