I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the entire Deutsche Klinik Allianz team, and in particular to Irina Sarov and Vladimir Sholokhov, for organizing the diagnostic and treatment program in German clinics. First of all, I would like to note the high level of organization and professionalism of the DCA staff. By opting for DKA, you guarantee yourself that your stay in the country - from the moment you arrive in Germany until your departure after the end of the treatment or diagnostic program - will be thought out to the smallest detail. If necessary, DKA employees can provide a full range of related services to ensure your comfortable stay in the country: whether it is transfers from the airport or trips to clinics, hotel reservations, provision of medicines and much more. As for the medical part itself, the well-known German quality of the medical care provided leaves no room for criticism. These are highly qualified doctors who, as a rule, have academic degrees, and most importantly, considerable work experience, including the experience of performing hundreds of operations annually, if we are talking about surgery; and courteous medical staff in clinics, and, of course, all the variety of hardware and laboratory tools and diagnostic methods. Whatever the profile of your problem, you are in good hands. Both diagnostics and treatment will be carried out in the shortest possible time, as doctors have an understanding that European medical care represents certain financial costs for the patient, sometimes quite tangible, therefore, you will not be detained in the clinic more than is really necessary, and also will not prescribe any procedures or studies that are not indicated. And one more important point: be sure that all your problems, no matter how delicate they are, will be solved with great understanding and tact. Be healthy!


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