This is not the first time I have contacted this organization. The qualifications of doctors is high, the exact definition of the diagnosis, she performed several operations in Germany. The latter was at the otolaryngologist. I was worried about frequent headaches for several days, headache pills helped weakly, they did not completely remove the pain. The diagnosis is sinusitis. After a diagnosis in Germany, they said a deviated septum and cleaning of the sinuses of the nose and head, they are completely filled with accumulations of fluid. Our friend, when with such a diagnosis, had a fever and was hospitalized in a paid clinic in Moscow (an expensive clinic from Gazprom), his forehead was drilled to pump out the fluid, and his face after surgery on the nasal septum was bruised, bruised and edema for almost 3 weeks ( the deviated septum of the nose is the cause of this diagnosis, it makes it difficult for the outflow of fluid from the sinuses.) And now how I did it in Germany. There are no bruises or bruising after the operation. After 3 days, when the “tubes” that are inserted during the operation are removed from the nose, they hold the nasal septum, I was released from the hospital to the hotel. In the reflection of the mirror, I saw myself without any changes, my face, my nose - I was delighted, and that's all in 3 days. After staying at the hotel for another three days, a doctor's appointment and you can go home. I would like to mention the people hosting us there. They meet, see off, any request, not even for medicine, will not be left without attention. My daughter goes in for equestrian sports, she asked if there were such shops. They quickly found everything, drove it, helped with the translation - thanks to everyone !!! There were free days, they organized bus excursions for me to Amsterdam (for 20 € 1.5 hours drive), to Luxembourg (for 30 € about 3 hours drive). If necessary, they book hotels, buy return tickets .., Escort translators are very friendly, well-mannered, delicate ..., Many thanks to the whole team, Thank you all, you are doing good, doctors are miracles !!!! It is true that medicine in Germany is the best in the world. And the motto of the host country: "Your problems are our problems"


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