Our colleagues from the FKKD clinical complex were among the first in Germany to use a stimulator device for the treatment of reflux disease for the first time.
In some cases, in addition to the classical surgical methods for treating reflux, surgeons offer their patients a more gentle therapy for this common disease.
Sour belching, a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, difficulty swallowing, bad breath or a burning sensation in the throat: according to the most conservative estimates, about 15 million people in Germany alone suffer from heartburn on a regular basis. If a person constantly experiences such pains caused by pathological changes in the esophagus, we have to talk about reflux disease, the cause of which in most cases lies in an excessive unhealthy acid load on the esophagus from the stomach, when the natural barrier function of the muscles between these organs is broken.
Since, in about 30 percent of cases, classical therapy, which reduces the acidity of the stomach with medication, unfortunately does not work and doctors have to resort to surgical intervention, experts have suggested in some cases a more gentle method of treatment. So, the new technique, which was called "EndoStim", involves a minimally invasive procedure, during which a special electrode is inserted into the patient's lower esophagus, which is connected to a subcutaneous stimulator in the abdomen. This device painlessly stimulates the muscles that close the opening of the esophagus, as if accustoming them to a new healthy rhythm of contractions. At the same time, doctors do not need to penetrate deeply into the internal organs of the body, as before, which always entailed a number of side effects. The new technique has already allowed many patients to return to a full life without the acute pain that accompanied reflux. If you are interested in this method of treatment, please contact us, we will be happy to tell you in more detail, and if you wish, we will plan all the activities within a reasonable timeframe for you.


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