Unfortunately, I had to face our Russian medicine. And I really understood that it is not in vain that they say that our doctors are not as qualified as they are abroad. They may be good specialists in their own right, but our Russian health care system is not built the way it should be. At us one doctor looks, the second treats, the third appoints or nominates tablets. And in Germany, one doctor can do all these manipulations himself, respectively, he has a complete picture, and not just words. So, after the operation in my homeland, I had to literally run away to Germany in order to refute all the diagnoses that our doctors made for me, due to the fact that they could not find any illness. Arriving in Germany, in Dusseldorf, I was met, escorted to the clinic, placed in a good room. Russian-speaking employees of the clinic came all the time, asked if everything was in order. The treatment was carried out by leading specialists, who immediately said that the diagnoses of 100% made in Russia were incorrect. And they began to look for the cause. And of course they found it. Every day, Prof. George explained everything in detail. I would also like to note the high professionalism of Dr. Kutchi. We decided that surgery was required, which, I immediately said, I would do only in Germany. Now, after a successful operation, everything is fine, but our Russian doctors are still at a loss as to how this is so ... Therefore, I can advise everyone who has the financial ability and needs serious treatment, only Germany. Thanks to everyone for the great work.


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