If the patient has doubts about the diagnosis or is not sure whether there is an alternative to the prescribed treatment, in Germany he has the right to a so-called "second medical opinion". This can especially help in the choice of a particular therapy for patients with cancer. Based on these considerations, the Center for Bowel Cancer, located at the Marienhospital in Düsseldorf, opened the so-called "second opinion center". The center is under the patronage of the reputable German Association for the Fight against Cancer (DKG) and is certified as an official body of independent medical expertise.

This is not the first certification that the Colon Cancer Center at Marienhospital has successfully passed. In 2018, the clinic was additionally awarded as the European Cancer Center (ECC). Qualified diagnosticians, therapists, nursing staff, consultants and post-operative rehabilitation specialists work here in close cooperation with each other.

The head of the clinic, Dr. med. Konstantinos Tsarras, has earned recognition as an operating surgeon in the field of general and minimally invasive surgery, his name is regularly included in the list of the best doctors in Germany according to the Focus magazine. In addition, his clinic is actively involved in national and international research to optimize the treatment of bowel cancer.


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