Many thanks to Dr. Nush and Leonid Nosnik!

After unsuccessful attempts to get medical care in Russia, being in the hands of Deutsche Klinik Allianz specialists, my wife and I (who was diagnosed with grade 4 adenocarcinoma) immediately felt a sharp contrast, which, first of all, lies in the very approach to the patient.

Unfortunately, in Russia we are faced with the complete indifference of doctors, the lack of elementary coordination between them, and a frank unwillingness to take responsibility. For 1.5 months of walking around the offices, we were never able to make a correct diagnosis, and we accidentally learned about the existence of a test for tumor markers from friends. Despite repeated complaints (the cancer had metastasized to the bones, the pain was sometimes unbearable), in Russia we were not offered any anesthetic.

The first thing they did at Deutsche Klinik Allianz, even before the diagnosis was made, was anesthesia, which finally returned the wife's ability to sleep at night. All the clinical studies needed to make a diagnosis were completed in less than a week. I was pleasantly surprised that Deutsche Klinik Allianz takes care of your wallet: they prescribe only those examinations and procedures that you definitely cannot do without. For example, when it seemed to us that it was possible to speed up the diagnosis by conducting two studies simultaneously, they explained to us that the appointment of one depends on the result of the second, and we may not need it.

After a bronchoscopy, based on the results of thorough histological tests, Dr. Nush prescribed a targeted drug to his wife, which she began taking after returning to Moscow.

My wife is doing well now, and although Dr. Nush talked about phasing out painkillers, we have not used them since our return.

One could still say a lot of flattering things about management: how Deutsche Klinik Allianz approaches planning visits, additional services for clients, but the most valuable thing is that my wife's life was saved here. Looking at her now, it's hard for me to believe that this is the exhausted, tormented woman who flew with me from Moscow a month ago.

Thank you Deutsche Klinik Allianz for bringing happiness and joy back to our home!

It's priceless!

With gratitude, Denis


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