Dear employees of the St. Antonius Clinic Concern!
It is with great gratitude that I send you this letter. Arriving as a tourist in Germany, I soon felt unwell in the region of the heart. On the advice of friends, I turned to one of the university clinics in the city, where they began to examine me on an outpatient basis. After one of the procedures, my health deteriorated even more. Living in a hotel in a foreign country, there was uncertainty, fear. In a difficult moment, I remembered the story of my good friend in Moscow about the clinic of St. Antonius. Recognizing the phone number, I called the International Patients Department. It was as if they were waiting for my call, they listened to me so interestedly and warmly. The doctor Alexander Bakaleinik gave me such a detailed consultation over the phone that my doubts disappeared, I had to go to the clinic. On the same day, the head of the department, Leonid Nosnik, agreed on an examination and inpatient treatment at the Department of Internal Medicine of the Niederberg Clinic, and in the afternoon I was already placed in the clinic in a comfortable ward for private patients.

All examinations and analyzes were carried out under the supervision of Dr. Emmerich, Chief Physician of the Cardiology Clinic. Rarely have I met a doctor who, in addition to his high qualifications and extensive experience, could give his patient warmth and sincere concern. The doctor took a lot of time to answer all my questions. A detailed conversation, the accuracy of the wording, his attitude towards his patients - all this inspires great confidence in this person.

In addition to medical support, the staff of the department for foreign patients was tirelessly near me. Their complicity, empathy with all my problems also helped my quick recovery.

Many thanks to all doctors, nurses and clinic staff!


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