The principle of laser beam treatment is that a particularly highly concentrated narrow beam of light is aimed at a desired point in the eye and acts on it there.

In ophthalmology, various types of laser devices are presented, with the help of which various types of eye diseases are treated.


Laser eye treatment can be carried out with the following diagnosed diseases:

1. Argon - laser

  • treatment of retinal breaks and stages of the disease preceding breaks;
  • treatment for diabetic retinal pathology, blockage of retinal blood vessels, circulatory disorders of the center of the retina (macular degeneration).

2. Neodymium YAG laser 

  • YAG - laser iridectomy (prevention of an attack of glaucoma);
  • in the treatment of glaucoma, a decrease in intraocular pressure (SLT - selective laser trabeculoplasty);
  • YAG - laser capsulotomy, removal of an optically interfering membrane from the inside of the eye in patients operated on for cataracts.


Laser eye treatment provides the possibility of outpatient treatment of patients without the risk of infection in a relatively painless way. With high microscopic precision, the laser demonstrates advantages that were unattainable with other ophthalmic techniques.

This accuracy, reliability and good tolerability allows timely and successful treatment of a wide range of diseases in a large number of patients.

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Head of the ophthalmology clinic
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Head of the ophthalmology clinic