The reaction of the body to the load is said in the event that it is out of balance as a result of extreme physical, psychosomatic stress or strong mental stress.

An example of such an overstrain can be the death of a loved one, an accident experienced, moving to completely alien conditions or terrain, etc.


  • sleep disorders
  • circulatory system disorders
  • nightmares
  • feeling of fear and phases of depression
  • digestive problems, lack of appetite
  • intrusions, or the so-called "flash-backs": experiencing a traumatic event again and again
  • the possibility of manifestation of all kinds of psychosomatic symptoms: for example, vague pains, complaints in the genital area, etc.


First, versions of the possible causes of complaints and painful symptoms are worked out. In the second stage, the patient learns to take control of the intrusions (re-experiencing the traumatic event internally) to such an extent that they can no longer "cover" him with his head.

The next step - individually tailored to the specific requirements of each individual case of the disease - is the development of behavioral strategies with which the patient will have to cope with extreme stress and stress.

To achieve this goal, we involve: 

  • an imaginative, fantasy way, that is, the ability of the human brain not only to reproduce unpleasant and traumatic images and fantasies, but also to evoke ideas that can relieve tension and provide relief;
  • narrative (narrative) therapy; this technique means understanding one's own history in a way that makes it possible to integrate the traumatic event into one's personal history as one of its episodes.

Ultimately, patients learn not to succumb to the impact of a traumatic event, it really takes place in a personal history and will not disappear anywhere, but will not negatively affect a person’s well-being and mental health.

Professor, MD, PhD
Head of the neurology clinic
Professor, MD, PhD
Head of neurological clinic
Privatdozent, Doctor of Medical Sciences
Professor, MD, PhD
Head of the neurology clinic
Head of the Rehabilitation Neurological Center